Reprise movie cast

Reprise is a movie that deals with the serious theme of love, obsession and failures. Directed by debutant Norwegian director Joachim Trier it is a movie for the youth, budding with reveries and slammed hard on the ground when their `dreams faced realities of life.

The cast of the movie is having two main protagonists of the plot, Erik and Philip, played by Anders Danielsen Lie and Espen Klouman-Høiner while the female lead was played by debutant Viktoria Winge. Anders and Espen play the role of two friends who have known each other since childhood. Both the characters are shown to possess a passion for literature and both of them aspire to be writers someday. Viktoria Winge (Kari) plays the role of Philip’s (Anders) girl friend. The role of Erik’s girlfriend is played by Silje Hagen. Erik’s novel finds a big name in publication and it hits the shelves and becomes a best seller but it is not the case with Philip. All that his book receives is criticism and reject ion. With his dreams of being a celebrity being shattered and due to his obsessive relationship with his girl friend Kari, Philip ends up taking medical treatment for his mental state. The actors have really depicted the characters in an interesting manner. Though it was a debut for some of them but they have done a great job. The others in the cast of reprise are Christian Rubeck as Lars, Odd Magnus Williamson as Morten, Pal Stokka as Geir, Henrik Elvestad as Henning, Henrik Mestad as Jan Eivind, Sigmund Saevurud as Sten Egil Dahl.

The main protagonists in the movies are Erik and Philip played by Anders and Espen. Both of them share a common passion for literature specially for Sigmund Saeverud’s (Sten Egil Dahl’s) novels and both of them aspire to be writers themselves someday.